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Top 10 Photonics Solution Companies - 2021

A part of the semiconductor and optics arena, Photonics has come a long way from just powering displays to being utilized in some of the most complex measurement systems such as gas and dust, and LiDAR for distance calculation in autonomous vehicles and drones. Presently, manufacturers of self-driving cars and companies that require high safety measures are propelling their operations to take advantage of the quickly growing innovative technologies to prove their excellence in their respective spaces. Another area that is seeing massive transformation is LED manufacture for device screen production with OLED paving the way for the much smaller MicroLED that can produce projectable light at even smaller sizes. The real question that beckons, however, is the best steps to take in successfully implementing digital solutions to drive the better and cost-effective production of the multiple components that combine to form a complete piece of equipment.

In this edition of Semiconductor Review, our team of senior editors has worked alongside a group of photonics industry experts in understanding the best-in-class photonics solution providers and have comprised a list of the most promising vendors. These photonics solution providers have set the standards in their separate areas of expertise such as defect analysis, quality testing, monitor production, and semiconductor fabrication, to name a few. Besides, the magazines also share the thoughts of some of the leading photonics experts on the best practices to follow while initiating a photonics project. We are proud to present our “Top 10 Photonics Solutions Companies - 2021

    Top Photonics Solution Companies

  • Advance Reproductions is one of the leading photomasking, photoplotting, and photolithography service providers. The company is committed to delivering a unified offering for clients’ imaging and engineering needs. Since 1969, Advance Reproductions has built a reputation for offering innovative photomasking solutions with precision and speed, with a strong commitment to solving customers’ concerns. It can help clients with both simple 2D patterns as well as very complex photolithography patterns on a variety of substrates. Precision imaging forms the foundation of Advance Reproduction’s photomasking solutions. Its imaging solutions feature sub-micron geometrics that meet high tolerances over large surfaces (>1M). Irrespective of the industry vertical, the company delivers complete CAD and data editing services for data preparation, as well as automatic vision inspection to verify photomask integrity. Complimenting these services is customized metrology reporting and glass finishing services

  • The American Institute for Manufacturing Integrated Photonics (AIM Photonics)—an industry-driven public-private partnership whose goal is to emulate the dramatic successes experienced by the electronics industry over the past 40 years and transition key lessons, processes, and approaches to the PIC industry. With in-depth integrated photonics-focused programs, AIM Photonics creates an adaptive PIC workforce capable of meeting industry needs, ultimately increasing domestic competitiveness.The company has developed integrated photonic Process Design Kits (PDK), and Multi-Project Wafer (MPW) runs in partnership with Analog Photonics and SUNY Poly to provide designers with cost-effective and quick turn design to fabrication solutions. It eliminates the need to design PICs from scratch and helps SMEs to efficiently develop a final product

  • AKELA Laser Corporation is a leading high power diode laser manufacturer specializing in custom laser diode products that offer a combination of any desired wavelengths ranging from 400 nm to 2 microns and output power up to hundreds of watts. The company specializes in laser assemblies that offer the desired combination of laser with optics, thermal management, and drive electronics in packages that can be customized for the specific application or customer system. This ability allows it to design around specific requirements for your laser diode, whether it be performance, cost, or size

  • Founded in 2007, the company is dedicated to commercializing advanced LED technology. Lightwave Photonics focus is on the growth of alternating layers of cermets and Gallium Nitride to form conductive and reflecting Distributed Bragg Reflector (DBR) templates (wafers) for the subsequent growth of nitride-based LEDs

  • Lumencor is a solid-state lighting OEM that provides its clients with high-quality light engines to facilitate rapid, sensitive, and accurate defect analysis during their semiconductor fabrication and quality testing processes

  • NEO Monitors is a pioneer and leading manufacturer and supplier of TDLAS gas and dust analyzers, based on over 30 years of high-risk research and development in electro-optics and laser technology. What makes the TDLAS technology different is its contactless measurement principle, rendering it suitable for applications in harsh environments where extractive sampling lines are prone to corrosion or clogging. The TDLAS sensors do not need to be exposed to corrosive gases such as ammonia and high temperatures

  • With a proven architecture built on patented, scalable VCSEL and SPAD technology, Sense Photonics’s solution has the ability to produce high density 3D data, helping clients outrun the competition with exponential advancements in assisted and automated driving. On a mission to democratize 3D vision for a safer, greener, and more productive world, the company is creating a new paradigm with its proprietary, cost-effective flash LiDAR technology. Its state-of-the-art LiDAR sensor uses laser light to create a data-rich 3D view of the road and its environment for autonomous and assisted vehicles to safely navigate the road ahead. This way, they accurately perceive the environment, predict the behavior of pedestrians and fellow vehicles, and help navigate roads safely

  • Coherent


    Coherent is a global manufacturer of laser and laser-based solutions for industrial, commercial, and scientific applications. It supports groundbreaking research in partnership with organizations dedicated to sponsoring basic research in photonics and optics fields. The company was founded in 1966 and is headquartered in Santa Clara, California

  • Compound Photonics

    Compound Photonics

    Compound Photonics Group Limited designs and manufactures semiconductors. The Company offers 4k laser projection, gesture recognition, head mounted display, and headlights. Compound Photonics Group serves customers in the United States and the United Kingdom. Compound Photonics is changing the world of modern projection through highly advanced photonics solutions

  • NeoPhotonics Corporation

    NeoPhotonics Corporation

    NeoPhotonics offers optical components, modules and subsystems for the delivery of video, voice and data over telecommunication networks. NeoPhotonics offers a complete line of both active and passive optical components for every network market segment: FTTH/Access, Datacom, Storage Area Networks, Metro and Long Haul networks. NeoPhotonics' transceivers are compliant with industry standard MSAs, are available in GBIC, SFF, SFP, XFP and other configurations, and serve avariety of reaches, applicationand data-rates from 155MBps to 10GBps