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Top 10 Photonics Solutions Companies - 2022

Photonics is becoming increasingly significant in fostering innovation in a variety of industries. Photonics is used in various fields such as optical data transmission, imaging, lighting and displays, manufacturing, life sciences, healthcare, security, and safety. At a time when today’s traditional technologies are reaching their limits in terms of speed, capacity, and precision, photonics provides new and unique options.

Photonics trends such as LiDAR and additive manufacturing are on the rise in manufacturing. For decades, LiDAR technology has been used to study the distribution of gases and pollutants in the atmosphere. Moreover, the photonics market is primarily driven by silicon-based photonics applications. In telecommunications and data center applications, hybrid silicon lasers (silicon and group III-V semiconductor) are utilized, which benefit from the light-emitting capabilities of III-V semiconductor materials.

Photonics is also revolutionizing healthcare since light can detect and assess diseases quickly, sensitively, and accurately. Biophotonics is the application of light-based technologies in biological and medical research. It can be used to diagnose diseases very early using non-invasive imaging techniques or point-of-care technologies.

Photonics is also a major facilitator for improving people’s, products’, and the environment’s safety and security. It enables the development of contactless sensors and visual applications that operate in various light spectrums, from x-ray to terahertz. Sensors of this type would be sensitive and accurate enough to detect possible risks or dangerous circumstances consistently.

Given the existing market landscape and its potential to drive innovation in various industries, photonics has been identified as one of the key enabling technologies and the areas primed for large expansion. On that note, a distinguished panel of CEOs, CIOs, CTOs, VCs, and other thought leaders from the industry, along with the editorial board of Semiconductor Review, has selected the leading photonics solution providers looking to offer their expertise to the widest market possible.

We present to you Semiconductor Review’s ‘Top 10 Photonics Solutions Providers - 2022.’

    Top Photonics Solutions Companies

  • Innovations in Optics successfully bridges the gap between LED high photon density and cost-effectiveness, addressing the lighting challenges in the semiconductor industry along with economic nuances. Innovations in Optics’ proprietary die bond and wire bond processes and COB technology enable it to manufacture multi-die LED arrays across a wide range of wavelengths. Its proprietary thermodynamic management package utilizes heat sink, air/liquid cooling designs that actively cool the LEDs' p-n junctions, even when the units are driven at high power.


  • Iradion’s ceramic CO2 laser tube technology solves structural limitations of metal enclosures by moving all the reactive components to the outside of the laser tube, leaving only pure, clean alumina or aluminum oxide (ceramic) in contact with reactive gasses. Due to its chemical makeup, alumina does not react with the gas. Besides, the CTE (coefficient of thermal expansion) of alumina is one-third the CTE of aluminum. Therefore, Iradion’s ceramic CO2 laser tube has significantly better stability and performance compared to metal-based CO2 lasers. What’s more? The use of alumina allows Iradion’s ceramic core lasers to be fired at very high temperatures as part of the cleaning process of the laser source.


  • Maple Leaf Photonics builds custom photonic probe systems that automate testing. Their modular hardware, proprietary software, and custom controllers simplify photonic integrated circuit testing with customizable systems configured to expand the needs of a lab.


  • S2 Corporation develops a proprietary photonics spatial-spectral (S2) technology-based spectrum analyzer capable of detecting and processing a wide range of RF signals. The company’s team has developed a processor that could viably detect signals up to 200GHz frequency and excellent sensitivity and spur-free dynamic range. The product functions as a pre-filter or preprocessor of analog input RF signals, eliminating noise signals and improving the efficiency of the processing operations. The US Department of Defense currently employs the solution to monitor and analyze RF signals in real-time.


  • Skorpios Technologies, Inc. is an optical communications company focused on revolutionizing the transceiver and subsystem supply chain. It offers a unique Tru-SiPh™ platform that heterogeneously integrates lasers, modulators, and other components on silicon photonics platform.


  • THINFILMS, Inc. is a one-stop shop for all thin film needs. The ISO certified & ITAR registered company offers coatings by physical vapor deposition (sputtering and evaporation), delivering high-quality work with a quick turnaround time. The company's customers (from small and medium-sized companies) have concluded that it makes more sense for them to concentrate on their core business rather than spend their time and resources on something that can be outsourced to a reliable vendor. For large companies, using THINFILMS, Inc. improves quality and value compared to what can be done internally.


  • Coherent


    Coherent is a leading provider of lasers and laser-based solutions for scientific, commercial and industrial customers. The firm’s technology makes a positive impact on a broad range of users that make tangible improvements to daily human life. Coherent makes amazing things possible by harnessing light that touches many aspects of daily life. Smartphones and tablets have higher resolution and can run better with the production of microchips their lasers support. In the medical field, the firm’s lasers have the power to drive life-saving research, enabling fine-tuned cancer diagnosis and precision medicine development

  • Light IC Technologies

    Light IC Technologies

    To meet market demands, light IC technologies is introducing a revolutionary solid-state LiDAR solution – without any moving parts or lenses; monolithically integrating the LiDAR system on a silicon photonics chip, allowing mass production in a standard CMOS foundry; and providing reliability, long range, accuracy, and interference immunity. The silicon photonics LiDAR is a semiconductor technology with the highest level of system integration, mass production capabilities, sensitivity without light interference, temperature and vibration resistance, ease to use, and compact in size at a cheap manufacturing cost

  • Lightwave Photonics

    Lightwave Photonics

    Lightwave Photonics, Inc offers conductive, reflective, and lattice-matched templates for subsequent epitaxial growth of GaN-based LEDs and lasers

  • Sense Photonics

    Sense Photonics

    With a proven architecture built on patented, scalable VCSEL and SPAD technology, Sense Photonics’s solution has the ability to produce high density 3D data, helping clients outrun the competition with exponential advancements in assisted and automated driving